Sunday, June 12

Chaos City

A belated post from Friday. Graham Fink of the finktank came to talk to our team. I contacted him after I'd heard him at BBH at the John Hegarty session. Graham has an impressive track record in the advertising industry and has an interesting attitude towards risk-taking & lateral thinking. Importantly I was interested in his enthusiasm for the way we human beings behave - how we beat ourselves up before even we begin. He suggested that we take time out to be different - perhaps spend some time looking for failure, writing rubbish or in some way doing the unexpected. "If you know what you are doing you are not being creative enough".

The team I have been involved with is due to be split up (BBC changes) and the level of uncertainty for the guys means there's a lot of anger, stress and suspicion around. As Graham said, "change can be a good thing". He showed us some great maps of Chaos City - a mad and confusing place but strangely interesting


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