Monday, May 15

Communion by Numbers

On Sunday we held Communion by Numbers - nine envelopes with instructions. It fell to me to curate this event and happily there were some great ideas on which to draw. This was a communion not led by a vicar from the front but, in true Grace style, a DYI service.

We managed to maintain the structure and contents of traditional communion but gave the opportunity for creativity and personalisation. This resonatated very well with my experience in the media which suggests that participation and personalisation are critically important.

The activities included a text message confession - a number was set up to which you were to text your confession - an absolution came by return. Another favourite was the final blessing which required me to procure 50 towels in little bags (as in Indian restaurants). The towels were delivered hot to the tables and were used as a symbol of cleansing. I could only buy bulk in boxes of 500 so if you need 450 towels let me know!

Here are some more accounts: Tall Skinny Kiwi's Blog reports the event and even includes an audio recording of the mobile phones going off. Also, Jonny's blog gives the full story.

Many thanks to Duncan Strathie of St Mark's in Kempshott for doing the communion prayer and here's his blog entry.

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