Friday, April 9

Good Friday

Good Friday walk...

I find it difficult to believe that every one of those bloodthirsty people kicking and tearing at those mangled corpses were really evil. I’m referring to that terrible story of the civilians murdered in Iraq whose bodies were strung from the bridge. I cannot accept that everyone who participates in such violence is truly acting according to their own will. Perhaps I too would have stuck the boot in had I been there.

In the Passion the priests were reportedly the ones to incite the crowds to bloodlust, just as it happens now. It is the habit of politicians to place blame strategically, to stir up trouble in order to glory in the apparent solution and to look for devils everywhere but in their own camp.

The violence inflicted on Iraq has not worked – the world is not, “a safer place”. Perhaps the reaction of the crowd - or nations – bent on violence is an indication of how susceptible to manipulation democracy can be – mobocracy.

Is it better to listen to the lone voice? A voice which goes against the crowd? An unpopular voice? An unusual voice? A small voice?

Lord, help me to know my own heart,

take the crowd out of me?

And the Easter Labyrinth

more pictures from Steve Colins site....


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