Tuesday, November 30

Boot Camp

Recently come back from an unusual experience at ARTTS International in Yorkshire. A film and theatre school in a converted pig farm (farmer committed suicide). Students go through a year long intense regime of training run a film director famed for working with Olivier. I was only there for two days but we found the experience emotionally draining. We were filmed doing a range of on-camera presentations while the trainers gave us feedback. It was a rewarding and surprising experience. I guess it's good to be unsettled from time to time. More on Artts here


At 9:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, I am trying to locate Paul Bond, I am an old friend who's trying to get in touch from his time in the USA at Team. If you could kindly pass on my email address to him it'd be really appreciated... Just remind him of a Celtic Arabian that spent too much time in his office!

Appreciate it


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