Wednesday, June 22

David Dunhill

For those who don't know, I spent many years in front of microphones, first on local radio, then on regional Radio Four and eventually on BBC ONE.

During my time doing this job of reading out loud I was coached by David Dunhill who died recently (Nigel Fell kindly alerted me). His encouragment led me along a very intersting path.

More on announcers

David was a highly respected voice at the BBC and in 1967 he closed down the Home Service and introduce listeners to the new Radio Four the next morning. His announcement went, "This is the end of the Home Service for today, and for all days. We're like a bride on the eve of her wedding. We go on being the same person, we hope. But we'll never again have the same name. Tomorrow, at 6.35 am, we become Radio 4. So, goodbye, Home Service, two of the best words in the British language - and still, I'm sure, the only answer you can give to the question: 'What is radio for?' Two words we shan't erase. Good night." (Telegraph obit.)

Among those he tutored were Libby Purves, Jill Dando Jon Snow and me.


At 3:29 pm, Anonymous Derek A Collins said...


I would like to use your photograph of the late David Dunhill in an article in our magazine, Lesbian and Gay Christians, with full acknowledgement and am accordingly requesting your permission. I will send you a copy of the magazine when it is published.

Many thanks
Derek A Collins
editor, Lesbian and Gay Christians Magazine

At 9:42 pm, Blogger Mark said...


I don't own the photo you are interested in, I have included a text link to the site originating it on the web. To save confusion I have removed it from here for the time being.

I will attempt to find out and let you know if do. There seems to be very few images of him.



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