Saturday, June 3

To Lille and Back

Just got back from a couple of days in Lille. The journey is about the same distance as Leeds! Increasingly we are appreciating the value of short breaks and this one was very refreshing. If we were American we'd do this all the time, but being Brititish I guess motoring for more than 30 minutes for pleasure is an obstacle.

The ferry was part of the Norfolk Line - cheaper than P&O but the journey is longer and the ships are not as posh. I like this photo which someone said looked as though the cars were worshipping the sun.

In Lille we stayed in a Formule 1 which cost just 29 Euros for three of us so we were able to spend more on eating out. The Formule 1 hotels are pre-fabricated industrial units made of plastic but very clean and practical. The one we stayed at was next to an Auchan hypermarket - great for getting the beer in.


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