Sunday, October 15

Saturday Night

The Secret Policeman's Ball was fantastic. It came at the end of a stressufull day with doubts as to whether we could face going. Glad we did. The highights for me were Russell Brand and Eddie Izzard.

The presentation of the event I thought lacked flow. They opted for using a scripted announcer voice over to link the items. For me this didn't work. Being in the round, you were never quite sure where you were supposed to be looking. There was only one live link - from Russell Brand hanging off the balcony which was perfect.

The Grace, VOX, service was a success. Jonny has a note about it on his blog. The idea was that we would reflect on why some speeches are so powerful and yet other important voices go unheard. We gave people the opportunity to make their great speech. On the new Grace website the contents of the service are available, click here.


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