Tuesday, August 29


Some images of Greenbelt which was as inspiring as ever. In spite of the damp and sometimes cold nights, there is always something to make it a great time.

Ikon from Belfast was particularly memorable, exploring truth. Intriguing images of a bible being edited with a scalpel and being invited to exchange and eat a piece of paper with the words, I believe.

Fuse Factory's great video mixing and a very clever four walled screen in which the singer moved immersed in images.

Christopher Booker I thought was fascinating - on the subject of the seven basic story plots. I bought his book.

Our own contributions, Communion by Numbers and Shed Obscura worked particularly well. The communion as first seen at Grace.

Other pics: 1 2 3

The shed had a queue of people waiting to go in every time I looked with some great comments. The reflection was on the upside down kingdom which could be seen projected on one wall of the interior.


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