Thursday, July 7


The BBC building where I am is under strict security right now. A full list of everyone in the building is being formed and accommodation is being requested for those unable to get home.


The BBC's adivice at first was to stay in the building but later the view is that we should go home early. At 3.30 I decide to set of for the Uxbridge road to see if I can get a bus to Ealing. The traffic is light but the buses are crowded. There are a lot of police vehicles around with sirens going. Helecopters overhead.


The sun is shining, people are smiling and I walk home. I'm not sure how I would have felt on a crowded bus!


The most vivid images in the news are those taken by members of the public on phones.
Joshua, my son, says that he's been upset by the news and that there is a rumour around school that terrorists want to kill children and that their school could be next. The school did little to support the childen (from what I've heard so far).

The youth club Joshua goes to was supportive and led some prayers for the situation which seemed well handled.


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