Thursday, July 21

I was closer this time

This morning I travelled through Shepherd's Bush and Warren Street on my way to a course near Euston. It is unsettling to be so close. I had been looking at the floral tributes at St Pancras thinking I hope it's a long time before anything like two weeks ago happens again.

Here's a Podcast of my journey through London recorded today.

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At 12:35 pm, Blogger BJ said...

Brilliant and utterly gripping radio. Do people in London mind you asking making random recordings of them? Any time I've gone on any sort of public transport without express permission to record I've been chucked off. I suppose some rules are more important than others in times like these.

At 3:20 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Thanks. I felt a bit of a nerd to be frank, but decided to make it obvious what I was doing. Surprisingly nobody seemed to bother.

You are right, generally it is a very sensitive business if anyone is featured prominently. The signing of a disclaimer is usually required and children are a no-no. I'm also aware that non public spaces are usually managed in such a way as to virtually exclude recording/filming unless a contract is signed. I shall reflect on this issue further and also look at the new BBC Producer Guidelines.

I was inspired to do it this by listening to a blogger called the Catholic Insider who did a piece in the Vatican. He just chatted as things happened around him. I was left feeling as though I knew him and had been there myself. I think these days it is important to know the messenger in order to understand the message - which is why blogging can be potentially so powerful I think.




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