Monday, October 28

This is a bit of a catch-up. Work has been a bit frantic either side of the holidays with the launch of the Asian Network today for which we have made the audio branding packages and trailers - all has gone well. We are also in the middle of a re-working of my teams future. This process involved a day of deliberations about the future at Norwich City football ground with lunch provided by Delia. A bus load of old ladies licence fees spent on that one!

5th October 2002
'Grace' night out at the Bierodrome at Holborn. Clashed with a local barn dance but we made an excellent choice. Mussels very good.

12th October 2002
Meal at De Marios at Covent Garden with Pip Wilson and friends. Crazy guy - very likeable

13th October 2002
Jonny and Mike give a talk on Alternative Worship to the 6 o'clock service at St Mary's Ealing. About as welcome as weapons inspectors in Baghdad. J & M were remarkably gracious considering the daft questions thrown at them. The latest Grace flyer carries the words "God save the church", indeed. Grace

18th October 2002
Began half term in Weymouth where we visited Lyme Regis. Lyme was where I spent a few holidays as a child so it was very exciting to see it again after nearly 40 years. Retraced my footsteps and went fossil hunting with Josh. Remainder of half term was spent in Yorkshire with a day in Manchester for a BBC "awayday".

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