Saturday, April 29

We Have Changed the World

Here are some images by Edward Burtynsky of Toronto. He says, "We are drawn by desire - a chance at good living, yet we are consciously or unconsciously aware that the world is suffering for our success. Our dependence on nature to provide the materials for our consumption and our concern for the health of our planet sets us into an uneasy contradiction".

Monday, April 24

Attention Invested

“When goals are clear, feedback relevant, and challenges and skills are in balance, attention becomes ordered and fully invested.”
(Csikszentmihalyi, 1997, 31)

Sunday, April 23

Oscar John Poulson

Oscar baptised today in Southall. A happy service with lots of water and cake - just the way it should be.

Dancing Shoes

Take a few snaps and load into Quicktme - Bob's your uncle. These are Deborah's trainers. Is You Tube better than Vimeo?

Sunday, April 2

Next from Grace

How can we have a healthy Christian life, where our relationship with God flourishes? Grace on Saturday 8 April, 8pm. (more details)

Then, Holy Ground art installation Thursday 13th - Saturday 15th April.

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