Wednesday, December 24

Happy Christmas

Just to wish you a very happy Christmas from wherever you are visiting.

bread of life
five candles

These are taken from some video pieces - I'll get them working properly and put a link to them soon.

Sunday, December 14

Nine Lessons

Nine lessons and carols - the Grace alternative with things to make and do followed by mulled wine and mince pies.
England Rugby victory parade, London

Monday, December 8

England Rugby victory parade, London

Central London Christmas shopping – had planned it before we knew the England Rugby victory parade was happening. Large numbers of bald, stocky men with face paint worshipping a coach carrying similar men in grey suits. Still, it’s history so we were glad we were there.

At the top of the blog are four pictures taken recently - some of joshua's conkers, leaves in Walpole Park, apples from our tree and a glorious image from Lammas park the other day. If was misty, bright and frosty - unusually I set off for work with enough time to enjoy the scene.

Lammas Park, Ealing

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