Thursday, July 21

I was closer this time

This morning I travelled through Shepherd's Bush and Warren Street on my way to a course near Euston. It is unsettling to be so close. I had been looking at the floral tributes at St Pancras thinking I hope it's a long time before anything like two weeks ago happens again.

Here's a Podcast of my journey through London recorded today.

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Wednesday, July 13

Straight from the heart

The Guardian carries an article about an extraordinary speech. As well as the purely human connection we can feel, this is an inspiration to anyone interested in authentic and powerful communication.

"It is indeed the raw originality and authentic angst that give the delivery such impact, the plea such effect. No knighted veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company could deliver such an address without hours or even days of rehearsal."

The article and transcript here

(thanks your blog Jonny)

Monday, July 11

South Ealing Saints

Just a quick thankyou to Alan and the team for all the great work they do with the South Ealing Saints. They've done a great job encouraging the lads. Here's a picture of Joshua with his man of the match trophy.

I want to go to Chelsea

For those of you not able to pick up BBC Radio Merseyside here's a little promotional spot from the station. click here to listen

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Thursday, July 7


The BBC building where I am is under strict security right now. A full list of everyone in the building is being formed and accommodation is being requested for those unable to get home.


The BBC's adivice at first was to stay in the building but later the view is that we should go home early. At 3.30 I decide to set of for the Uxbridge road to see if I can get a bus to Ealing. The traffic is light but the buses are crowded. There are a lot of police vehicles around with sirens going. Helecopters overhead.


The sun is shining, people are smiling and I walk home. I'm not sure how I would have felt on a crowded bus!


The most vivid images in the news are those taken by members of the public on phones.
Joshua, my son, says that he's been upset by the news and that there is a rumour around school that terrorists want to kill children and that their school could be next. The school did little to support the childen (from what I've heard so far).

The youth club Joshua goes to was supportive and led some prayers for the situation which seemed well handled.

Friday, July 1

First Waddcast

I've been getting excited by podcasting - along with everyone else it seems. My last upgrade of itunes got me going. You'd think there were more important things to think about!

Here's my first load of nonsense recorded today. To subsribe to future waddcasts here's the feed you need to copy into iTunes:

The BBC, as always, has not been slow and there's some great content including documentaries from the World Service - the BBC's best hidden secret.

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