Monday, May 24

Tree in Yorkshire

Tree near my parents house in Yorkshire more photos

Thursday 20th May
Filming in Wapping for The Politics Show, then straight to Birmingham.

Friday 21st May
One day conference on the Friday. My dad had his heart operation Friday - 8am till 2pm so mind on that. All ok thankfully. Weekend in Yorkshire

Saturday, May 1

Get To By


I'm getting so many of you from Jonny Baker's blog I thought I'd offer up something very worshippy...

An act of worship and a television programme have a lot in common. There is usually a central idea and a sequence of creative stuff that communicates that idea. A TV production is usually formally briefed to ensure that it sticks to the task in hand and all the elements support the central idea.

My experience of worship is that sometimes it is a ragbag of thoughts and distractions. I’ve written a worship briefing template based on the one created for the team I work with at the BBC. It only requires one sentence (and so does not even have to be written down). It has three elements – who are we creating the worship for? How do we want them to respond? What is the single most important message? So the template reads, get (worshipper) to (think, feel, believe or do) by telling them/showing them (the single most important thing).

We have a rule that only one main message can be conveyed.


You may feel this is too controlling and managed, but I would say that much of what we do in church is done without regard for the person worshipping. We rarely expect them to respond in any way and we clutter the event with a jumble of messages.

Any comments valued.

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