Friday, February 24

Andrew Kime Photography

Caught up with the Kimes last night - Alison, Andy and the children. Andy is doing some wonderful work as a photographer based in Snowdonia with an enviable back garden.

I hope he won't mind me putting up a link to one of his photos and

His site also includes links to other eminent landscape photographers.

Thursday, February 23


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I quite like this idea for an advertising campaign for road safety. It presents the idea of what the future might have held for an 11 year old girl had she been more careful. It grabs attention and (I imagine) connects with its intended audience. And how easily our life stories can change direction.

Sunday, February 12

Daily Dose of Imagery

This is a link to one of my favourite photo blogs, infact this is the archive built up of daily images created by Sam Javanrouh of Toronto.

Saturday, February 11

Grace on Discipline

Grace on Discipline
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The Grace service tonight was on Discipline curated by Steve. It has been a theme for me over the last period. At work I'm having to be much more disciplined especially in my use of my time. Making time for being still and listening to God was the main talking point on my little section on laziness. I liked the thought of using stillness as a preparation for activity; moving forward in a spirit of stillness enabling time to move more slowly and for us to be more attentive.

For some more see Jonny's blog

Sunday, February 5

Chocolate Sundae

I was walking though the park last weekend when I met the vicar of one of our local churches. He was giving out Divine chocolate bars as a promotion for "Chocolate Sundae". I didn't manage to get to the service and my wife ate the chocolate.

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