Saturday, November 22

How to avoid George W and Terry Wogan (Children in Need night) - Demarios at Covent Garden. Pip, Ann, Deb, Joan, Me

Demarios, Covent Garden, Friday 21st Nov 2003

Sunday, November 9

As promised here are some pics of the new BBC building. Click here to get a little montage I made up of shots around the office.

Now some photos of our special Grace service...

Tonight we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Grace - the reason we joined St Mary's (we turned up on the very first night). Stations exploring the subject of grace followed by fizzy wine and fireworks. PS See Jonny Baker's Grace 10 Photo Gallery

Wednesday, November 5

Monday 3rd November, moved into new BBC building. State of the art, open plan, glass, paperless, fluffy walls, creative spaces with low sofas, free coffee bars. No spools of tape or film - all virtual. Technical rooms would look good in the Matrix. Will bring camera into work tomorrow and hopefully post some pictures.

Saturday, November 1

I'm getting back on track now that I have a new laptop...

Saturday 25th October
Level Five
Bowling and Eating in Nottingham. What a great bunch of people. Then on to Yorkshire for a few days with my family.

Thursday 23rd October
New car today – Honda.

Friday 17th October
My uncle’s funeral
Geoff died last weekend. Came as a shock. The funeral was held in Yorkshire near where he and my dad were brought up. Nab Wood, around the crematorium was where they used to play. Now Geoffrey and Helena’s ashes are scattered in the same place. The day was beautiful as it had been for my Grandmother’s funeral. Somehow life seems much more real when someone dies – sharper, more physical. Details. The leaves, the changes of temperature coming in and out of the shade. The silence, the shadows, bright wintry sunshine. Every word measures for sympathetic application, sensitively fitting the dimensions of the occasion. Although it was a sad occasion I can say that it was a positive one – or so it seemed. Certainly it has brought the various branches of our family closer. We’ll have to work at keeping it that way.

Wednesday 8th October
English Regions Creative
At last my BBC project comes to fruition with the employment of 12 “Creatives” to work on branding and promotion outside London. Eighteen months ago the Head of Marketing asked me what we should do and after about 15 minutes of scribbling on a piece of scrap paper said, “let’s do it”.

I have felt that too much creative work is tied up in a small circle of Creatives based around Soho & West London. They do great work but it comes from a small club who enjoy spending large amounts of the public’s money. The two key things about English Regions Creative (as we’ve called it) is that they are local and they don’t have much money. This seems rather unglamorous but I think with the right encouragement they can focus on strong ideas, which connect with real experience.

Monday 29th September
Our wedding anniversary – 13 years. Meal last night at The Bell ad Dragon in Cookham.

Saturday 20th September
Ah, Happy Day
Jonathan and Jenny get married - congratulations

Tuesday 16th September
Oh, Happy Day
Shooting with Reg in Manchester – promo for the Gospel Awards.

Tuesday 9th September
Glittering gala event with stars galore and the cream of Britain’s creative talent?
No, not exactly. The launch of the Church’s Media Council at Methodist Church House.

Saturday 6th September
Comedy Night
Jonathan Hick’s stag night at The Comedy Store. His brother Andrew suggested we sat at the front – a mistake.

Monday 25th August 2003
Job for Life
Anniversary of first joining the BBC in 1977

Saturday 23rd August 2003
I was shocked to hear of the death of Mike Yaconelly (30th Oct). He had become pretty much a fixture at Greenbelt – one of its constant features. This year Deborah declined. My involvement with the Grace installations was very mild and so gave me a chance for Josh and I to explore.

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