Saturday, September 17

Songs of Praise

Good to seen David Kremer again after about fifteen years. I used to work with him on the above mentioned programme. David is the man who for many years has brought you such delights as Carols from Kings, but I have to say he's getting very funky in his old age. High angle spinning shots and fancy lighting! Must be the Manchester club influence. Programme from St Mary's, Ealing on 6th November on BBC ONE.

Friday, September 16

Commercial Success

Just to update you on how BBC Broadcast (soon to officially change it's name) is doing in the commercial world. We've signed a contract with Flextech TV to play out all Flextech Television channels - LivingTV, Bravo, Challenge, Trouble, FTN, LivingTV2 and four time shift channels. I am working on the production arrangements for the promotions team.

Nominations for the British Television Advertising Craft Awards have just been released and BBC Broadcast has 4 nominations which puts them alongside the recent Honda commercial.

Best Performance by an Actress - FA Cup - BBC Sport
Best Performance by an Actress - UKTV Style 5 Steps
Best Sound Design - Match of the Day - BBC Sport
Best Special Effects/Prosthetics - Sci Fi US.

Wednesday, September 14

St Mary's Ealing

St Mary's has a smart new web site now - try this link

Tuesday, September 13

The Art of Zagging

Here's an article by Christa Paula on the Promax website. She interviews John Hegarty on Black Sheep and the Art of Zagging.

“It’s about ‘zagging’! When the world ‘zigs’ you ‘zag’…When everyone is going in one direction, go in the opposite direction.”

He goes on...

“What happens with age, is that you do stop questioning, and it therefore means that you stop engaging, you stop challenging (and then) the mind begins to close down. It can happen to 30-or 80-year-olds.”

I'm not sure I agree with the above, it used to be like that but the new generation of "old" people are a different breed I feel.

Sunday, September 11

Bush on Sky & Vacation

These snaps have been doing the rounds. Poor chap, it's very cruel.

Saturday, September 10

Smashing Stuff

You should have seen Steve Collins - workman's jacket and safety goggles, and that was just to eat Jackie's Pizza. No, seriously, Grace had quite an inspired start to the season with the destruction of a mirror carried out with great theatre by Steve. The congregation was then invited to write the things they find difficult to let go of onto a plate. The plate was then smashed. The procession of people to the front was very powerful and some people were clearly letting go of something very emotional.

(picture from small ritual)

Jonny curated this one was called Engage, next up is Adam with Creativity for October, then I do a Participation Gracelet some time after that.

Tuesday, September 6

Politicians are lovely people

Interesting to hear the eager reports of John Humphrys' after dinner speech. Many of the reports begin (probably unfairly) with the headline "John Humphrys calls all politicians liars" or something like it.

Surely calling all politicians liars (if he did) is an irresponsible generalisation. A cheap shot. But now, here's a thought, would he have come in for as much stick if he had said all politicians are honest? This too would have been less than impartial but I doubt that he would have been in so much hot water.

Another point to be made here is that an after dinner speech is just as much a medium as radio or TV. In this case it is multiple media because his words get reported beyond the event itself. It becomes complicated when you consider that he only gets paid by one part of the audience. Naturally, he may be under pressure to tell his paying audience what they want to hear. When he is being paid by the BBC he has to be accountable to every single license payer.

If I were the Director of News I would encourage John to do his articles and speeches but subject them to the same editorial safeguards as any other "broadcast". I would also look at the way such events are paid for. To stop him speaking would be counter to the BBC's role of encouraging all forms of communication.

If there is real evidence that many politicians are put into a position where the truth is compromised then surely it must be said.

For the record, most politicians are lovely people.

Monday, September 5

Grace - Engage

Grace begins a new season this Saturday at 8pm at St Mary's, W5 Three services, three themes - Engage, Create, and Participate.

The Grace team is going through a forward looking phase and the first of the services promises to be dynamic and challenging.

Would love to see you. how to get there

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