Sunday, March 7

If it's Worth Doing

Have been busy flying round the country lately. Must get better at logging on. Grace Lent Blog is going well. Plymouth ealrly part of the week interviewing people for a Creative post. Thursday filming with a gardening guru near Peatersfield.

Lent posting...

If it’s worth doing…
On Sunday in Church the sermon was about doing fewer things but doing them well. On Monday my boss announced that we will be doing fewer projects but spending more money on them. On Tuesday I was interviewing a guy for a job and he said something about doing as little as possible but doing it effectively. Today I pick up a paper and read that my company is sacking a load of people in a re-prioritisation exercise, “we are going to do fewer things, but do them better” a spokesperson said. Could these persistent references be a divine message coming through, I ask myself.

Lent is associated with giving things up and I guess it’s good to trim the fat and focus on fewer and more important things. But I’m not sure. I like wasting time.

Brothers and sisters, I urge you to embrace distractions, to engage in playful experimentation, to take unannounced detours. To be single minded may also be limiting and to be focussed may require us to be blinkered. As someone may have said, “if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly”

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